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​Greg Barden • Bob Casner • Ken Grohbrugge • Irene Haines ​


Russell Shaddox

About East Haddam News

Adviser: Greg Barden, RareReminder of Rocky Hill

Clerk: Debra Denette

Calendar: Cookie Gowac

Bookkeeper: Judy Grohbrugge
Webmaster: Jack Rogerson 

East Haddam News is a local, independent, weekly community newspaper serving all of East Haddam, Connecticut including the areas of Moodus, Lake Hayward and Hadlyme.

East Haddam News is in the process of forming an LLC and applying for non-profit status.

Ann Gamble

Assistant Editor

East Haddam News Founders



East Haddam News
P.O. Box 202
East Haddam, CT 06423

(860) 615-9955
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Mary Guitar

​​​​​​​Serving East Haddam, Hadlyme, Lake Hayward and Moodus

East Haddam News Board of Directors

East Haddam News

Bob Casner: Owner, Casner Construction; EDC Chairman 

Ken Grohbrugge: Owner, New Inn Kennel; EHBA Vice President; East Haddam Lions

Irene Haines: AAA Insurance; EHBA President; EHLPC; Hale Ray Music Boosters 

David Holahan: Freelance Journalist 

Scott Jezek:
View from the Street
David Holahan:
View from the Hopyard; Wild Places
Steve Rossi:
Car Chat
George Fellner:
Local Architecture
Maryla Radziszewski:
Barbi Batcheldor:
Neighborhood Watch
Dr. Lance McLean:
Pet Tips, East Haddam Veterinarians
Jen Lowy:
Pet Column, Colchester Pet Shop
Nancy Ballek:
Our Growing Nature